Thursday 20 March 2014

Appearance in Aeon Magazine

I have been featured in an article written by Rhys Southan for Aeon Magazine.

The article talks about the tension between art and effective altruism. It features quotes from about a dozen different people associated with the effective altruist movement.

I think the article is fair and well-written but unfortunately, the title expresses a viewpoint no effective altruist agrees with. I think EA can benefit from public scrutiny, however, so the misleading title may not be so bad. My impression is that so far, EAs have mainly argued among themselves and have yet to face the criticisms of people that don't fall within their narrow demographic. I personally don't have much confidence in EAs to respond to those criticisms in ways that actually persuade people. They mostly strike me as so far removed from "the masses" that they don't know how to communicate with people outside their in-group.

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