Saturday 3 January 2015

Figuring Good Out - December Master Post

A month ago I announced the start of the new EA blogging carnival, Figuring Good Out. The topic for the first month was "blind spots" in the EA movement. We received a pretty good 6 submissions. Hopefully, this number grows next month.

I wrote that "wasting" money and time is sometimes just you investing in yourself.

Ben Kuhn wrote about the need to, when identifying your comparative advantage, make sure you are comparing yourself to the right class of people.

Ruthie Buyers challenged the assumptions behind the popular EA idea that volunteering your time for a good cause is generally less effective than doing more of your day job.

Peter Hurford wrote a guide on how to run an effective fundraiser, something few EAs would consider their forté.

Jess Whittlestone advised us to consider the perspectives on effective altruism we don't hear.

Finally, Dale asks us to think of how our beliefs impact our other beliefs.

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