Tuesday 11 November 2014

EA Blogging Carnival?

I discovered the concept of a "blogging carnival" through the asexual community. For all I know, they invented it.

How it works is that each month, a different blogger "hosts" the carnival by selecting a topic. Everyone interested in participating for that month then writes a blog post about that topic. The host then writes up a post linking to all the submissions. Here is an example of what a link roundup would look like.

Given that there are so people blogging about EA issues, I think this concept would transfer really well into the EA community. Each month, have somebody choose a topic such as "Donating Now vs Later" or "EA Outreach" or whatever and then accept submissions from the various contributors.

One advantage of blogging carnivals is that they draw attention to a variety of blogs, including those that fly under the radar.

A second advantage is that they provide a variety of voices on one topic. Rather than just reading one EA's thoughts on cause prioritization, you could get 8 of them side-by-side. There's something more democratic about hearing from multiple competing voices.

This then creates mini crash courses on what EAs tend to think about a particular subject at a particular time. If I want to read about issues regarding EA and religion, I can a whole bunch of posts from different people that take a different approach to the month's theme. I see this being especially useful to outsiders that want to catch up on EA quickly. 

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